"We love what we do and we love helping others succeed at what they love to do."

Hossein Jalali, CEO

What we love

We love Gaming, Partying, Creativity, Programming, Making new friends, FOOD, Creating new solutions, Rock Music, Sports, Hot coffee, New challenges and Khaleesi!

What we don't love

We hate Delays on projects, Working for free, Duplicating, Low quality, Working late, Project Errors/Bugs, Leg days at gym, Morning hangover and Cold coffee!

What we love about you

We love that you trust us, give us money, honest feedback, recommend us, sharing every details of project with us, committed to quality and communicate clearly!


EDORAMEDIA was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating an environment for digitally savvy talents and professionals to create and innovate world-class digital projects. We have put together our collective experience of many years and, and the result is a factory of unique ideas in front of you along with excellent executions.