Marketing Automation 101: ins and outs

Capitalize on your current assets to increase your revenue

Edoramedia is the only certified partner of Marketo in the region with the goal of offering on-ground solutions to clients.

The marketing automation arm of Edoramedia allows your marketing and sales departments to automate their activities to score leads based on their acidity and behavior to determine when and how they are ready for sales.

If your prospects visited your website and downloaded a white paper by submitting a form, we would capture all of their lead information and assign them a score. A cookie would be dropped so all future activities (visited more pages, clicked certain links, opened an email, requested more info and many more) would also be scored.

The goal is that by collaborating with your sales and marketing teams, a value can be assigned to determine when a sales rep should pursue that lead. If the lead is not sales ready, then they should be nurtured until you are ready. Nurturing involves continuously sending information to nudge them through the sales cycle and increase their score.

Benefits of marketing automation

For Management

  • Increase in revenue and returned business
  • Higher customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Comprehensive automated reporting system on the sales activities and recommended action plan for future
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Measurable ROI
  • Capitalizing on current client base for business development and benchmarking for future business from other clients
  • Monitoring the activities of sales strategies and sale efforts to maximize revenue

For the Marketing Department

  • Automating the marketing activities through a customized platform and admin panel
  • Understanding client behavior is a formulated manner and guiding the sales efforts
  • Creating an action plan that will directly generate more business

For the Sales Department

  • Making sure all accounts are being contacted
  • Regularly on a formulated manner
  • More structure to the sales efforts
  • Higher sales figures and consequently higher   commission
  • Ranking hot and qualified leads + action plan
  • Reporting on customer behavior
HTML Codes & Search Engines

HTML creates the main structure of webpages. While search engines crawls your website, They are actually reading and evaluating the HTML codes.

The better the HTML code the more it will help search engines understand your content and you will get a better overall rating in search result. Below we have listed up some important tips to achieve better SEO for our webpages.

The “Title” Tag

This tag should be chosen in accordance with the content of the page; This is one of the most important elements that helps search engines identify what exactly the page is about.

The “Meta Description” Tag

Although according to professional SEO experts, this tag has no effect on SEO ranking but undoubtedly, The presence of “160 characters” in the content of meta description will play an important role in attracting relevant search traffic.

Structured data

A technique that uses “schema” to understand the concept of webpage content. While this technique may not have a direct impact on the ranking, using it is clearly does lead to a higher view rate.

The Heading Tags (h1-h6)

These tags play the most important role in SEO. By placing keywords inside these tags, the chances of finding you as a result of these searches will increase significantly.

Importance of “alt” attribute in “img” tag

Although images can play a crucial part in the concept and layout of the webpages, search engines will not understand the meaning of these images. We can define the concept of an image for search engines using the text we write in “alt” attribute.

Semantic Elements

We can make our code semantic by using HTML tags such as “section” and “article”, etc. in addition to making it much more meaningful for developers, the code can have an effect on SEO rankings when put next to the “Header” tags.

 To have your website SEO health check and monitored by our experts, why not get in touch with us today through the “contact us” form.

Introducing SmartPark – Save money when parking for long hours

SmartPark – start saving on parking!

One of the biggest challenges everyone faces in Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Knowledge Village is parking, and many of us have to use the zone parkings which cost:

  • 1 hour: AED 2
  • 2 hours: AED 5
  • 3 hours: AED 8
  • 4 hours: AED 11

Meaning in an 8 hour a day of work you are spending around AED 22 if you charge two times for 4 hours (and many of us are forced to do so just because we may be in the middle of a meeting or so busy we forget to renew if we make the period shorter).

Now imagine an app where you just type in your car plate number + the zone + number of hours (can go up to 10) and it automtically renews your parking once every hour on your behalf benefiting from the AED 2 per hour price. This saves AED 6 each day.

Another benefit of such an app is that you can cancel the auto renewal at anytime. This is great for those annoying times when you just charged for 4 hours and 10 minutes later a client calls for a meeting where you need to drive so basically you are forced to continue to pay even though the parking is no longer required.

This was a problem many of our own staff faced daily and we decided to take action on it. SmartPark is now publicly available on the Google Play store (iOS unfortunately will not work due to restriction on sending automatic SMS) for anyone who feels this app can help them save money and make the parking process simpler.

Download here:

Edoramedia and Insert partner up to provide real time, in-app personalization

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 01, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Edoramedia, a digital transformation provider for companies in the MENA region, and Insert, the automated in-app marketing platform, have signed to a partnership to deliver real-time, in-app personalization to mobile users in the MENA region. This partnership brings Insert’s technology for rapidly deploying in-app engagement features and Edoramedia’s end-to-end mobile services, allowing app owners and mobile marketers to develop more meaningful customer relationships.

As enterprise brands increasingly rely on mobile solutions for improving customer engagement and business outcomes, they must deliver the right mobile moments, at the right time, in the right context. However, providing these personalized experiences requires a deep understanding of customer data and can take weeks of development time to deliver.

Through their partnership, Edoramedia and Insert will enable brands to enhance an existing solution, or build a new app, for maximizing customer interactions in real-time. Edoramedia will focus on mobile strategy, design, and development while Insert’s platform can be used to add dozens of pre-built features to an app, including messages, videos, surveys, and tooltips, without any coding or app store approval. App owners and mobile marketers can then leverage the data that Insert provides to optimize these features and achieve their goals.

“Today users are bombarded with advertisements and marketing campaigns; it is critical for enterprises to deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer in order to assure any chance of becoming noticed.” said Mahdi Hashemi, Edoramedia’s Regional Director of Sales. “This partnership with Insert will allow our customers to see this as an opportunity and empowers them to utilize in-app engagement to its fullest.”

About Edoramedia

Edoramedia FZ-LLC is a digital agency based in Dubai, UAE. Founded in 2012 the company has been offering digital services to some of the most recognized names in the region. Over the past few years Edoramedia has been focusing on digital transformation and marketing automation services.

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About Insert

Insert is the first automated in-app marketing platform. It offers a broad set of customizable features – “inserts” – which can be launched into any live app in minutes, with no coding. These pre-built features include videos, banners, messages, surveys and more – allowing app marketers to better engage, convert and retain their customers. Insert was created to enable mobile marketers and product managers to drive user loyalty and conversion, without writing a single line of code.

The company was founded by the people behind Worklight: the world’s leading mobile application platform (now IBM MobileFirst).

For more information, visit

Who can benefit from Marketing Automation?

It all starts with believing that traditional marketing will not work for the modern customer

I have always been a strong believer that Marketing Automation can play a crucial role in any company given it is implemented correctly and maintained properly. There is a reason the marketing automation software market will reach $7.63 billion worldwide by 2025, according to a study by Research and Markets, a growth of 11.8% a year.

Almost everyone you speak to about Marketing Automation gets excited, the name is appealing and what it does is magnificent on paper. Segmenting Users, Personalized Messages, User Tracking, Nurturing, Scoring, A/B Testing, Smart Campaigns and many more. Who would not love it? What always gets forgotten until execution day however is that each of these means hard work and dedication. Like any Marketing activity the devil is in the detail; From planning, to content preparation, and setup this is an accumulated tens of hours if it is to be done correctly.

So before choosing to move your marketing to automation there are a few questions the company must ask itself:


  • Am I really committed to make the move?
  • Will I have the man power to utilize the tool at its fullest or is there a company who I can outsource to?
  • Do I have a CRM System?
  • Will I be able to change the processes internally (Sales, Marketing, etc.)?
  • Am I patient enough? Marketing Automation is not a miracle that will in one day flip your business, it will in a period of time begin showing its value and as time grows that value will grow as well while providing valuable insight on your ROI to make better decisions.

If the answer to all of the above are “Yes” then you are ready. In 2016 the breakdown of Industries who have choose the path of Automation is shown below:

It is quite clear that any industry whether Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, Education, etc. can benefit from introducing Automation to their Marketing activities.


The Problem

A major problem many companies face specially in the Middle East is either they do not have the right expertise to setup or run the tool or they are just too busy with the day to day to be able to give the tool the amount of dedication it requires. After a year and spending a huge investment on the Marketing Automation tool that promised so much more, is just being used to send out newsletters to the customers periodically. The problem is everyone is busy with the day to day and Marketing Automation needs dedication and also needs people who have experience and are aware of the latest additions.

Unfortunately, many of the Marketing Autoamtion platforms only have a “Sales” team in the region and when support is needed everything must be done through email or a ticketing system with someone in Europe. There is no local office present that can provide instantaneous answers.

With Marketo this is not the case. We as Edoramedia have been trained and certified to help customers on ground, locally, to make sure they are getting the best results from the tool. Over the past few months a handful of companies have come to us choosing to terminate contracts with other leading platforms just because quick on ground support does not exist (i.e. someone who understand cultural sensitivity of the region can use this either as an advantage to better cater to the customers or create a marketing campaign that backfires heavily).

Get in touch with us today, let us audit your company and see how Marketing Automation can help grow your business.