DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 01, 2017 /PRNewswire/ —

Edoramedia, a digital transformation provider for companies in the MENA region, and Insert, the automated in-app marketing platform, have signed to a partnership to deliver real-time, in-app personalization to mobile users in the MENA region. This partnership brings Insert’s technology for rapidly deploying in-app engagement features and Edoramedia’s end-to-end mobile services, allowing app owners and mobile marketers to develop more meaningful customer relationships.

As enterprise brands increasingly rely on mobile solutions for improving customer engagement and business outcomes, they must deliver the right mobile moments, at the right time, in the right context. However, providing these personalized experiences requires a deep understanding of customer data and can take weeks of development time to deliver.

Through their partnership, Edoramedia and Insert will enable brands to enhance an existing solution, or build a new app, for maximizing customer interactions in real-time. Edoramedia will focus on mobile strategy, design, and development while Insert’s platform can be used to add dozens of pre-built features to an app, including messages, videos, surveys, and tooltips, without any coding or app store approval. App owners and mobile marketers can then leverage the data that Insert provides to optimize these features and achieve their goals.

“Today users are bombarded with advertisements and marketing campaigns; it is critical for enterprises to deliver the right message at the right time to the right customer in order to assure any chance of becoming noticed.” said Mahdi Hashemi, Edoramedia’s Regional Director of Sales. “This partnership with Insert will allow our customers to see this as an opportunity and empowers them to utilize in-app engagement to its fullest.”

About Edoramedia

Edoramedia FZ-LLC is a digital agency based in Dubai, UAE. Founded in 2012 the company has been offering digital services to some of the most recognized names in the region. Over the past few years Edoramedia has been focusing on digital transformation and marketing automation services.

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About Insert

Insert is the first automated in-app marketing platform. It offers a broad set of customizable features – “inserts” – which can be launched into any live app in minutes, with no coding. These pre-built features include videos, banners, messages, surveys and more – allowing app marketers to better engage, convert and retain their customers. Insert was created to enable mobile marketers and product managers to drive user loyalty and conversion, without writing a single line of code.

The company was founded by the people behind Worklight: the world’s leading mobile application platform (now IBM MobileFirst).

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