HTML creates the main structure of webpages. While search engines crawls your website, They are actually reading and evaluating the HTML codes.

The better the HTML code the more it will help search engines understand your content and you will get a better overall rating in search result. Below we have listed up some important tips to achieve better SEO for our webpages.

The “Title” Tag

This tag should be chosen in accordance with the content of the page; This is one of the most important elements that helps search engines identify what exactly the page is about.

The “Meta Description” Tag

Although according to professional SEO experts, this tag has no effect on SEO ranking but undoubtedly, The presence of “160 characters” in the content of meta description will play an important role in attracting relevant search traffic.

Structured data

A technique that uses “schema” to understand the concept of webpage content. While this technique may not have a direct impact on the ranking, using it is clearly does lead to a higher view rate.

The Heading Tags (h1-h6)

These tags play the most important role in SEO. By placing keywords inside these tags, the chances of finding you as a result of these searches will increase significantly.

Importance of “alt” attribute in “img” tag

Although images can play a crucial part in the concept and layout of the webpages, search engines will not understand the meaning of these images. We can define the concept of an image for search engines using the text we write in “alt” attribute.

Semantic Elements

We can make our code semantic by using HTML tags such as “section” and “article”, etc. in addition to making it much more meaningful for developers, the code can have an effect on SEO rankings when put next to the “Header” tags.

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