SmartPark – start saving on parking!

One of the biggest challenges everyone faces in Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Knowledge Village is parking, and many of us have to use the zone parkings which cost:

  • 1 hour: AED 2
  • 2 hours: AED 5
  • 3 hours: AED 8
  • 4 hours: AED 11

Meaning in an 8 hour a day of work you are spending around AED 22 if you charge two times for 4 hours (and many of us are forced to do so just because we may be in the middle of a meeting or so busy we forget to renew if we make the period shorter).

Now imagine an app where you just type in your car plate number + the zone + number of hours (can go up to 10) and it automtically renews your parking once every hour on your behalf benefiting from the AED 2 per hour price. This saves AED 6 each day.

Another benefit of such an app is that you can cancel the auto renewal at anytime. This is great for those annoying times when you just charged for 4 hours and 10 minutes later a client calls for a meeting where you need to drive so basically you are forced to continue to pay even though the parking is no longer required.

This was a problem many of our own staff faced daily and we decided to take action on it. SmartPark is now publicly available on the Google Play store (iOS unfortunately will not work due to restriction on sending automatic SMS) for anyone who feels this app can help them save money and make the parking process simpler.

Download here: