Capitalize on your current assets to increase your revenue

Edoramedia is the only certified partner of Marketo in the region with the goal of offering on-ground solutions to clients.

The marketing automation arm of Edoramedia allows your marketing and sales departments to automate their activities to score leads based on their acidity and behavior to determine when and how they are ready for sales.

If your prospects visited your website and downloaded a white paper by submitting a form, we would capture all of their lead information and assign them a score. A cookie would be dropped so all future activities (visited more pages, clicked certain links, opened an email, requested more info and many more) would also be scored.

The goal is that by collaborating with your sales and marketing teams, a value can be assigned to determine when a sales rep should pursue that lead. If the lead is not sales ready, then they should be nurtured until you are ready. Nurturing involves continuously sending information to nudge them through the sales cycle and increase their score.

Benefits of marketing automation

For Management

  • Increase in revenue and returned business
  • Higher customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty
  • Comprehensive automated reporting system on the sales activities and recommended action plan for future
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Measurable ROI
  • Capitalizing on current client base for business development and benchmarking for future business from other clients
  • Monitoring the activities of sales strategies and sale efforts to maximize revenue

For the Marketing Department

  • Automating the marketing activities through a customized platform and admin panel
  • Understanding client behavior is a formulated manner and guiding the sales efforts
  • Creating an action plan that will directly generate more business

For the Sales Department

  • Making sure all accounts are being contacted
  • Regularly on a formulated manner
  • More structure to the sales efforts
  • Higher sales figures and consequently higher   commission
  • Ranking hot and qualified leads + action plan
  • Reporting on customer behavior