It all starts with believing that traditional marketing will not work for the modern customer

I have always been a strong believer that Marketing Automation can play a crucial role in any company given it is implemented correctly and maintained properly. There is a reason the marketing automation software market will reach $7.63 billion worldwide by 2025, according to a study by Research and Markets, a growth of 11.8% a year.

Almost everyone you speak to about Marketing Automation gets excited, the name is appealing and what it does is magnificent on paper. Segmenting Users, Personalized Messages, User Tracking, Nurturing, Scoring, A/B Testing, Smart Campaigns and many more. Who would not love it? What always gets forgotten until execution day however is that each of these means hard work and dedication. Like any Marketing activity the devil is in the detail; From planning, to content preparation, and setup this is an accumulated tens of hours if it is to be done correctly.

So before choosing to move your marketing to automation there are a few questions the company must ask itself:


  • Am I really committed to make the move?
  • Will I have the man power to utilize the tool at its fullest or is there a company who I can outsource to?
  • Do I have a CRM System?
  • Will I be able to change the processes internally (Sales, Marketing, etc.)?
  • Am I patient enough? Marketing Automation is not a miracle that will in one day flip your business, it will in a period of time begin showing its value and as time grows that value will grow as well while providing valuable insight on your ROI to make better decisions.

If the answer to all of the above are “Yes” then you are ready. In 2016 the breakdown of Industries who have choose the path of Automation is shown below:

It is quite clear that any industry whether Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, Education, etc. can benefit from introducing Automation to their Marketing activities.


The Problem

A major problem many companies face specially in the Middle East is either they do not have the right expertise to setup or run the tool or they are just too busy with the day to day to be able to give the tool the amount of dedication it requires. After a year and spending a huge investment on the Marketing Automation tool that promised so much more, is just being used to send out newsletters to the customers periodically. The problem is everyone is busy with the day to day and Marketing Automation needs dedication and also needs people who have experience and are aware of the latest additions.

Unfortunately, many of the Marketing Autoamtion platforms only have a “Sales” team in the region and when support is needed everything must be done through email or a ticketing system with someone in Europe. There is no local office present that can provide instantaneous answers.

With Marketo this is not the case. We as Edoramedia have been trained and certified to help customers on ground, locally, to make sure they are getting the best results from the tool. Over the past few months a handful of companies have come to us choosing to terminate contracts with other leading platforms just because quick on ground support does not exist (i.e. someone who understand cultural sensitivity of the region can use this either as an advantage to better cater to the customers or create a marketing campaign that backfires heavily).

Get in touch with us today, let us audit your company and see how Marketing Automation can help grow your business.

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